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How it works

How does it work

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How to rent a garage:

You must register for free at login and then you will be taken to the page where you will find rental garages available and the equipment they have available in the rental.
Once you have found a garage that suits your needs, you need find a suitable time and check availability. If the garage available, you will have to register payment for the desired rent, most credit cards can be used. The amount is reserved but will not be deducted until the landlord has confirmed availability and time. If the landlord declines, the amount will not be deducted.
Then you decide where and how the rent will be carried out. Once you have both confirmed the rent has been delivered as promised, the money will be transferred to the landlord. This also happens automatically after 3 days if no one reported to us any defects in the rental. Remember and take pictures of the garage when you arrive so that there is no discussion about how the garage was on arrival. The garage is cleaned by the tenant before the rental period has expired.
This is also described in the Terms of Use.

How to rent out a garage:

Sign up for free at login and then you will be taken to the front page, clicking + Post  a new listing. You will also be prompted to register a Stripe account, as well as your account number. You must do this in order to receive the money from your rental. To registrer an Stripe account you will need your IBAN number, you can find your IBAN here. Even if you create the ad no rent can be completed before you have done this.


At this point you must select the ad title, remember to make it as descriptive as possible.


Then you have to set a price per hour. The price is determined by you, but you may want to see the level rental garages are in your area and decide what equipment you include in the rent. (Rentarage charge 20% in commission, minimum 100 kr, this will cover all costs of renting.)


Then you must describe your garage, what tools are included, and remember to check boxes for equipment in the garage. Here it is important to describe the garage as well as possible so that the tenant gets an good insight into what is included. This is also where you can write what rules that applys in the garage.


Then set the start date from the day you want to rent your garage. You will later be able to adjust which days and times you want to rent. Ex: Monday-Friday 16.00-21.00 or just Saturdays. You can also block out days you do not want to rent out. You will nevertheless confirm all the request for rental before lease is entered into.


Then enter the zip code for the garage. The address will be sent to you by the tenant after the rent is confirmed.


Finally, you upload pictures of the garage and the equipment that is included.


The ad is now ready for publication, then click Post listing.


Now the choice will be on what times you want the garage to be available as standard. Here you choose what suits you the best. Remember, it may be nice that it should be quiet in the garage at night for example. And the rental can then continue next day. Close the window and the ad is now published.


Now you can share the link to your ad on Facebook, Instagram etc, your own efforts here could make a difference that tenants will find your garage.