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Rentarage privacy policy


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Use of cookies

This page uses cookies. We do this to improve our website. Cookies are small text files, which are stored on your PC. They include, among other things, information about which pages you visit online.

Cookies let us know how to use, and we can continuously improve web pages to make them easier and better to use.

Who sees the information?

Rentarage has an agreement with companies that make online statistics for us. We ensure that the personal information you provide us is not misused, cf. the rules in the Personal Information Act. This applies, for example, to the information you provide in the form submitted.

Our cookies cannot spread malware or damage your PC in any way.


Using third party cookies, you can get marketing messages from us based on content and pages you've visited on our website. These cookies contain only aggregated information and no information that can identify you as a person.

You decide

You decide whether you want to allow cookie storage. From the menu in your browser you can check which types of cookies are stored on your PC. You can read about how to make settings related to cookies on their own pages.

Use of personal data

Personal information is collected to enable communication and use of the service. The information can be used for communication between Rentarage AS (hereinafter Rentarage), Rentarage's partners and users, as well as direct communication between users. Interest rates have access to this information. Some personal details are visible on the user profile page, while these details are optional (except names).


Processing of personal data is not outsourced, but the user registry is stored on servers provided by third-party vendors.

Information about contents in the user register

The following information may be stored in the user registry:

Personal Data: Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Street Address

User Details: Username, Password (Stored in Encrypted Format)

User description written by user himself

Offers and requests that the user has added to the service

Deleted and received feedback and remarks

Statistical data on use of the service, eg. number of logins

Sources of information

Personal details are provided by the user upon registration or later use of the service. In addition, relevant information for payment, including account number, is stored at Rentarage's payment provider when this information is provided.

Sources of information

Personal details are provided by the user upon registration or later use of the service.

Sharing information

The information may be shared in connection with research related activities described in the Terms of Use that the user accepts before starting to use the service. The researchers can not publish any results that identify the users.

Sharing of information outside the EU and the EEA

The information can be stored on servers located within or outside the EU and the EEA.

Protection Principles User Register

The information is stored on computers. Access to the information is limited by using passwords and physical access to the computers is limited by providers of server services.


Information related to payment is handled encrypted and is not stored at Rentarage.