Information about Rentarage

Terms of use

Rentarage terms of use

Terms of use is a social marketplace that facilitates users to rent garages and tools / equipment from each other. The service may only be used in accordance with these terms of use. Service Provider reserves the right to change these conditions as needed. The applicable terms of use will be available on

Content Rights

The users retain their rights to all text, images and other content that they create on the service. Users allow others to use the content according to the purpose of the service and further permission that the service provider may store information and data and make changes as needed for the service or study. Users allow the service to use the content of marketing. Other rights are not transferred from users unless otherwise agreed. Responsibility for content is the user who has created the content of the service. Service Provider is entitled to and remove content that it deems necessary.


There are no warranties for the availability or use of the service. Users are responsible for their actions in the service and should assess credibility with other users before performing actions together. When renting, garages and equipment should be insured under applicable insurance terms by the owner. Use of rented garage and equipment is made at your own risk. Under no circumstances will the Service Provider be liable for any damage that may be caused by the user. The user cannot store any information or data in the service against the expectation that it remains.

The tenant assumes responsibility for covering any damage estimated below 3000 Nkr or equivalent if the damage occurs due to incorrect use. 

Rent of garage

The garages and any equipment / tools offered on Rentarage are owned by third parties and are not inspected or maintained by Rentarage unless otherwise specified.

You are obliged to investigate the matter carefully before using it. If you notice any damage in connection with the investigation, you must notify Rentarage immediately, as well as document the damage with, for example, an image. If you fail to notify any damages in accordance with this paragraph and still use it, Rentarage may assume that the damage occurred during your rental period and may hold you liable for these damages.

If after the investigation or later you think the garage is not safe enough to be used, do not use the garage. In such cases, we ask that you contact Rentarage immediately.

Before using garages, Rentarage recommends that you and landlords go over the garage and define equipment included in the rent as well as provide any instructions for use. Any agreements made during the survey should be written in a conversation between the parties and confirmed in Rentarage's message system between the parties.


Rental conditions are to be paid through Rentarage's payment service. The payment solution is provided by Stripe. By using Rentarage, you give us the right and access to and storage of card information with our payment provider during and after the rental period for a period sufficient to cover expenses and income incurred by the lessee. This includes, but is not limited to, extension of rental period by excess of rental period, any deduction of insurance, and coverage of claims below the insurance limit.

Removing user

Service Provider has the right to remove users from and remove access to use of the Service without any special reason or right to compensation. Contracts and payments outside of the service violate our policies and will result in exclusion, as well as will terminate insurance etc.

Other conditions

Information and guidance in our Help Center also apply as guidelines for using the service.